Morneau Shepell Launches the Total Health Index

October 30th, 2015

Morneau Shepell Inc. has launched the ‘Total Health Index (THI)’ family of solutions. It enables employers to benchmark their current risks and opportunities for the health, engagement, and productivity of their workforce in order to develop the best strategies to improve outcomes for both their employees and the organization.

These solutions “integrate information to help employers discover the 'what and why' of their workplace health in order to create measurable action plans for improvement.

THI includes 3 components including:


THI Discovery

Health risk and engagement assessment survey where employees complete a confidential self-assessment that measures their engagement level, gauges physical and psychological health, and determines their ability to cope with stress. They receive their own results along with ideas and resources on how they can make the most of their work, health, and life.

THI Discovery is for employers who want to track the overall health, engagement and productivity of their organization, and create a shared accountability between the employer and employee for improving results. It combines the most comprehensive Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and Employee Engagement Survey in the industry, to provide integrated reporting for employers, and tools for employees to evaluate and improve their overall health.


THI Insight

THI Insight is for employers who want a deeper understanding of the drivers of health, engagement and productivity in their organization, to develop the best strategy for improving performance. It includes everything in the THI Discovery, plus a deeper layer of analysis to isolate the factors that impact results. THI Insight also includes consulting support to help employers develop action plans to improve performance.


THI Impact

THI Impact is for employers who want to see the full picture health, engagement, productivity and cost metrics for their organization, and want to evaluate the impact of program design changes on their overall ROI. It includes everything in THI Insights, plus cross-program analytics of health, disability, employee assistance programs, along with HRA and engagement data to provide a complete view of the workforce. THI Impact also includes modeling tools to help employers evaluate the impact of program changes.


Further details of the program can be found here.



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