Pharmacists’ Scope is Expanded in Quebec

December 13, 2015

As outlined in our earlier post regarding Changes to Drug Reimbursement in Quebec – Bill 28, In April 2015, the Quebec government passed Bill 28 producing major changes to pharmacy profession in the Province, allowing pharmacist to perform 7 new pharmacy services while also changing the payment process for these services.

On June 19th, 2015, the Quebec government and the Quebec Pharmacy Association announced that four out of the seven new services are considered billable, and are included as covered benefits under the Act Respecting Prescription Drug Insurance also requiring that these services need to be covered by private drug plans with Quebec resident members. As a result, private payers will now be required to reimburse certain fees for pharmacy services. The fee structure applicable to private payers will mirror the public plan fee structure and reimbursement requirements will apply retroactively to June 20th, 2015.


What Services Are Now Billable?

The following new pharmacist services are now billable under Bill 28:

  • Evaluation of need to prescribe medications for conditions where the diagnosis and treatments are known (RAMQ fee: $16.00)
  • Case management to adjust prescriptions to achieve therapeutic targets (RAMQ fee, depending on the medical condition: $15.50 or $18.50 for the initial consult, and a monthly $16.00 or one-time annual fee of $40.00/ $50.00 to account for the follow-up consults)
  • Evaluation of need to prescribe medications when there is no diagnosis required (RAMQ fee: $16.00)
  • Evaluation of extending a prescription (RAMQ fee to be determined)


What Services Can Be Performed But Are Not Billable?

The following additional services may be performed by pharmacists in Quebec, however are not billable:

  • Prescription and interpretation of laboratory tests
  • Therapeutic substitution when a drug is in short supply
  • Administering a drug for the purpose of educating a patient about proper usage


What else you need to know

Our earlier post, Changes to Drug Reimbursement in Quebec – Bill 28, provides more detailed information regarding the changes.

More details of the legislation on the Government of Quebec website are available here.

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